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Bobble Costumes was created by Jill Molyneux in 2019 as an offshoot of her commercially successful theatre and events business Jagprops Ltd.

Designing and making bespoke costumes for children, in response to interest from schools and community groups, Bobble has added ranges of nativity costumes for hire.

Bobble’s latest exciting venture is the newly created Covi Dog TM soft toy and children’s story books, a memento of the Covid 19 crisis. These toys can also be made bespoke to your requirements.

Nativity & Kid's Costumes

Take the stress out of the the festive season and hire a complete set of Nativity costumes for your Christmas production. Available for ages 4 and 5 to help those infants feel extra special for their debut performances. Either charged by the day or multiple days for a hire commitment of 3-5 consecutive years. Stored, cleaned, maintained, delivered and collected by us.
Nativity Costumes

Covi Dogs

Send Someone you Love a Covi Dog Cuddle!
As many people have experienced isolation during the Covid 19 lockdown and children have missed playing with their friends, this little character has been created to give cuddles and put a smile on their faces.
Each Covi Dog comes with a metal name tag and its unique number. Our handmade soft toys can be made bespoke to your requirements. Contact us for further details
Your Covi Dog will arrive in a 20cm cubed presentation box with a short introductory Covi Dog story. A perfect gift. Your unique Covi Dog costs from £32.00 plus postage. 
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Covi Dog Books now available

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Here's a preview of our new Covi Dog Book. Ideal for children's bedtime reading. A story of helping others, with a view of Covid-19 and the well being of Children.

Books and Covi toys are available in the shop
Bobble Costumes Logo
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